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STOP Writing Content...
STOP Paying for Traffic...
STOP Sending Cold Emails...

And Instead, Tap Into the BEST
Joint-Venture Attracting,
Traffic Generation,
Content Creation,
List Building Method
That's Ever Existed:


From the Desk Of: Podcasters Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro

What do you think is the difference between businesses that fail vs. those that succeed?

If you have "more money to burn" than anyone else, will you automatically succeed?

Is it just luck? Number of hours worked? How many people are working for you and your organization? Do you make money just because you "want it badly?"

None of the Above...
The "Key Ingredient"
Every Online Business is Lacking:

When people think of "traffic" -- they usually miss the point.
They think about clicks and likes.
Metrics that "feel good" but don't deliver much.
Or even worse: vague results. Publicity! Exposure!

At this very second, people are frantically searching the internet for a solution to their current problem. They are looking for YOU. Your websites, your products, your coaching. They are looking to pay you money right now.

You just have to get in front of those people. Sooo easy, right? 😉

Actually, getting consistent, targeted, BUYING traffic funneling into your business is easy -- if you know about:

The Podcasting Secret
Hidden in Plain Sight...

Look, it sometimes takes years for the "lightbulb to flick on" for many business owners realizing that REAL traffic needs to be a priority. And then here's what happens...

You decide that "if you build it, they will come" -- you write blog posts, post YouTube videos, tweet all day long, upload photos to Facebook (and Instagram) -- you work your tail off with content creation, search engine optimization, keyword/hashtag research, but where are all those subscribers and sales you were promised?

Conclusion: free traffic methods "must not work."

Back to the drawing board to study what successful companies are doing with their marketing that everyone else is missing out on. You realize, PAID traffic! Boosted Facebook posts, retargeting pixels, sponsored tweets, the list goes on. You want to try EVERYTHING.

The problem you'll discover with paid traffic (on any platform) -- it's either a firehose or a trickle. You set yourself a huge ad budget, and it's all used up in 3 days.

You decide to make another attempt (perhaps months later) and this time, you're VERY careful about your keywords and ad targeting. But then, Facebook (or Google, or whatever ad platform you're using) doesn't send you ANY clicks. A firehose or a trickle, sound familiar?

Conclusion: paid advertising "must not work."

If you went through the above process like me, then you probably reached a low point where you were about to completely give up. And you were 100% correct to have such thoughts. After all, you need traffic. Traffic won't appear on its own, but free AND paid traffic doesn't seem to be working for you! That is, unless you know about The Podcasting Secret Hidden in Plain Sight:

The Way to Get Consistent Traffic
is to Get Other PEOPLE
(Not Ads or Search Engines)
to Promote You!

When someone clicks on a Google search result to visit your site, or a Facebook ad, that's a "cold" lead. They probably aren't interested in buying from you, they're only browsing. Even if that website visitor plans to make a purchase in the future, your free content and ad landing pages are probably warming them up for somebody else. Weeks or months later, that prospect will buy from one of your competitors... ouch.

You want to find another business owner who already has a huge following (their email list, a Facebook group they own) to recommend you. This person has already built trust with their subscribers over years, so they're sending ENDORSED (warm) traffic your way instead of UNQUALIFIED (cold) traffic your way. Make sense?

Let's quickly recap before going any further:

You need traffic, but free traffic is a lot of TIME spent for no results, and paid traffic is a lot of MONEY spent for no results. The only solution that makes any sense is to get ONE person with an existing following to send people your way.

Or even better, get 100 people to tell their subscribers about you. John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest American of all time (once worth $409 billion in today's dollars), said this: "I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." In other words, get people to help you.

But how? What motivation would a person have to send traffic your way? Some fancy traffic "trick" like solo ads, affiliate program, ad swap? No, something far simpler: interview that person on your podcast. Or, if you're too shy for an audio-only interview, review that person's products and services and get them to promote you.

Here's how podcasting works:

  1. You click the record button (again, audio only since that's easy), and...
  2. Speak from the heart about a subject related to your business you are truly passionate about.
  3. You could say, "Best WordPress Podcast Episode 4: The Top 10 Plugins Your Website Needs."
  4. Or, "Miami Real Estate Show, Episode 8: How to Rent Duplexes and Triplexes for Easy Passive Income."
  5. Then speak for 5 to 10 minutes (or longer, if you prefer) in the same way you would give advice to a close friend.

Podcast show = Blog (website) with some episodes
Podcast episode = Single blog post (article) with an audio button

You just spoke for a few minutes about a problem your industry is having, with a solution at the end. You post this podcast "episode" (blog post). Now you have free traffic without the hassle. Instead of spending a week writing a long blog post, you recorded an audio episode — which now makes you appear in search results. You can also transcribe that audio recording and even tap into new traffic sources like uploading to YouTube or submitting to podcast directories.

And, podcast listeners are the most loyal bunch of people you'll ever find. The average podcast listener tunes in to seven different shows per week. Since podcast players are being built into cars now and "smart speakers" (Alexa) are everywhere, many people are listening to podcasts during their downtime. You could be on that playlist, especially since 48.8% of podcast listeners have purchased SOMETHING after hearing about it on a podcast.

Consider this: you interview another business owner who has something to promote -- a home study course or a book, possibly. You mostly click record and ask a few questions. You let them talk, and let them look smart.

After recording and podcasting the episode, you tell your people about it, even if it's a small following. But then, that "guest" you had on your podcast also promotes your episode. They send THEIR following to listen to YOUR episode they guested on. Make sense?

This is the "Late Night Talk Show" traffic model. When a new movie arrives in theaters, how is it hyped up? Answer: the actor makes the rounds and appears on those late night talk shows, and it's a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • The actor does most of the entertaining and generates content for that talk show
  • The talk show has regular viewers and the actor promotes their latest movie
  • That talk show attracts new viewers who tuned in specifically for that guest, or perhaps that guest said something memorable that made it into next day's news headlines

In Online Marketing Terms,
YOU Are the Talk Show Host
And Your GUESTS Are the Celebrities

By now, you're beginning to get excited about how you'll use your podcast to reach a completely new audience of LISTENERS — not just video watchers and readers. So, what's stopping you? If you're like most people, you're completely overloaded when thinking through some tough podcasting decisions like:

  • What should I name my podcast?
  • What should the podcast be about?
  • What equipment, software, and hosting do I need?
  • Should I learn the technical details or outsource?
  • How can it all be completely perfect?

And I'm here to deliver good news: it doesn't have to be confusing OR hard! Especially when you get clear, step by step instructions on what to do get your podcast up and running. (Many would-be podcasters geek out about technical details and this slows their progress.)

Don't let your podcast be something you "should have done" or "will do" — make it happen NOW and get your podcast online when you join:

Podcast Crusher 3.0
The Online Home Study Course
Where You'll Setup
the Most Important Asset
for Your Business:
A Podcast
That Brings in Traffic, Relationships,
Subscribers & Sales

I'm Robert Plank, and my business partner Lance Tamashiro and I have been podcasting for over seven years. My podcast (Marketer of the Day) has over 650 episodes and 268,000 downloads. By thinking outside of the box, podcasting can be the best traffic source you've ever discovered. Podcasting is evergreen and will continue to be the most SUPERIOR traffic source you've ever discovered — and it works in any niche, for anyone, no matter your technical skill level, lack of social grace, time commitment, or experience...

Did you know your podcast can be online, searchable in Apple Podcasts and Google Play, within the next couple of days? (Meanwhile, your competition is taking 6-9 months to "plan it all perfectly.")

You have three options when it comes to setting up your podcast:

  • Option #1: You can try to piece it all together asking for advice from Facebook Groups, YouTube tutorials and blog posts. Problem: how is that working out for you? Many times, when you try to piece it all together, you're following outdated, bad, and sometimes conflicting advice to get to where you're going. More than likely, you'll end up more confused than when you started.
  • Option #2: You can pay someone to create your podcast for you. This is a service we've provided to clients over the years who happily said, "Just do it for me." While this is a perfectly valid option for you as a business owner, I completely understand if you don't have multiple thousands of dollars for this new podcasting venture of yours, and you want to bootstrap. You want your podcast to make money before you sink too much money into it, right?
  • Option #3: You can (and should) join a group of people, led by a mentor (Lance Tamashiro and myself) who have "done it all and seen it all" with podcasting. We've seen what works and doesn't work, we know about the pitfalls, distractions and headaches you may run across, and it is our ultimate goal to get you create a successful podcast — ready, fire, aim!

That's why we'll hit the ground running in Podcast Crusher 3.0, where we will get you to create your podcast in the very first module:

Module #1
Record Your First Episode
& Setup Your Podcast

Here are the three biggest mistakes we've seen over the years with smart, hungry, and strategic marketers like yourself when creating a podcast:

  1. They get too hung up on minor details and waste time getting their equipment in place
  2. They let low self-esteem get the best of them and think their podcast production has to be perfect (hint: listeners actually want to hear the authentic, non-edited "you")
  3. The biggest mistake of all: they confine themselves to one single "niche"

If you treat your podcast the way most others do, you'll have difficulty growing and you'll burn out very quickly. You'll wonder where it all went wrong and why you didn't follow through with that podcast "project." Luckily, you are NOT like most other marketers in that you'll discover:

  • How to create a podcast that is both fun for you to create AND gets people to listen — this is a podcast that actually builds your business
  • The very simple steps you'll take to setup your podcast using the built-in microphone you already have (at first) and web-based tools so there's nothing to install
  • Make your podcast... even without a website!
  • Why to never host your podcast "audio files" on your own website or Amazon S3 -- this is important!
  • The exact workflow to record, process, and publish your podcast episodes
  • How to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher: these are new ways listeners can discover AND subscribe to you! (not availale to non-podcasters)

We're confident that by the end of the first week of Podcast Crusher 3.0, you'll have everything you need to create your first episode (enough to start marketing your podcast) — even if some things could be better. We'll also cover possibilities moving forward about better hardware or software options, if you choose to ramp-up later, in following weeks...

Module #2
Podcast Content Creation

As you now know because you've read this far, there is NO point in creating a podcast and letting it sit there. You want people to subscribe to your show, and you want to pump out content consistently in order to enjoy consistent results. That's why, now that your podcast is online, we want to make content creation as easy a process as possible for you, including:

  • the only four types of podcast content you'll need to create, plus, which to begin with and which to move TO...
  • how to avoid pod-fade: it's a sad reality that the average podcaster stops creating content after a handful of episodes and gets almost no subscribers. Those hungry listeners are still out there, but the average podcaster (with no plan at all) kills their creativity by going about it in the wrong way. Stay energized and continue creating podcasts, with our help!
  • create a podcast that stands out and KEEPS people listening... hint: we'll show you how to create a podcast that is PROBLEM-based and not PRODUCT-based... you'll see why this makes all the difference

I'm Ready to Start My Podcast »

No one else will tell you that YOU make the rules with your podcast. Getting people to listen to your episodes is far more important than simply creating episode after episode, which leads us to...

Module #3
Podcast Traffic

How's this for a "win-win-win" podcasting strategy? A short while ago, I interviewed ClickFunnels consultant Larry Becht on my podcast. (He's also in our "Marketer of the Day" compilation book, another way to make money with a podcast, which I'll explain in the next module.)

I asked him all about the "ClickFunnels" platform (it's okay if you have or haven't heard of it) and we named our podcast episode the following:

"Episode 180: ClickFunnels: Done-For-You Product Launches,
Lead Capture, and Conversion with Larry Becht"

Larry created most of the content (I asked questions and he answered). Here are the results:

  • I now have a podcast episode (on my own website) which ranks in Google search results for terms like "ClickFunnels" and even "Larry Becht" (if someone is searching for his name) -- along with other search terms like "product launches" and "lead capture"
  • Larry benefits because he only had to show up for 20 minutes to get a new backlink under the above search terms -- which links to his sites
  • Even ClickFunnels wins because Larry and I have created yet one more search engine result for the ClickFunnels brand

Are you beginning to see why you should interview anyone you can on your podcast?

  • any student, customer, or coaching client who has paid you money: approach them for your podcast
  • anyone you've paid money to, including product vendors, your own heroes and mentors: approach them for your podcast
  • anyone you meet at a networking event, anyone you want to land as a coaching client, anyone you might want to hire but aren't sure about: interview them for a podcast episode to make it a win-win-win even if no transaction or relationship develops

The previous week of Podcast Crusher was all about the "things" you choose to talk about, but this module is about the "people." In the traffic module for Podcast Crusher, you'll discover:

  • a startlingly large number of additional podcasting directories you can submit your show to, for even more backlinks and clicks
  • how to land as many podcast interview guests as you can handle (never run out of content)
  • how to record a two-person interview, and exactly what to say to make the conversation a success (without you having to think all that much) and make your guest appear super smart
  • how to be the type of podcast host that promotes the episode forever -- sending thousands of clicks over the coming years without lifting a finger -- so you stay top-of-mind with every connection you meet
  • the follow-up sequence we use to land future deals and get return visits from podcast guests

At this point, you have a podcast that's setup, has a number of episodes in the pipeline, is promoting your buddies AND is being promoted by your buddies. You now have content to post on social and share to your list, plus you can now "climb the ladder" to higher profile podcast guests.

But what about the most important step of all: making money?

Module #4
Podcast Monetization

There are so many postcasts (600,000 at last count) and EVERY podcaster would love to charge $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, or more, just to give advertisers the "privilege" of having their ad read on a show. Unfortunately, unless your podcast gets hundreds of thousands of downloads per month, it won't happen!

BUT! We'll show you how to profit from your podcast in the following ways:

  • Charge guests to appear on your podcast (I've done this and it's easier than you think)
  • Take a single sponsorship payment for an ad that appears on multiple episodes (a podcast guest recently did this with a coffee start-up brand)
  • Promote your products and "shortened" affiliate links (do it once and your listeners hear about it again and again)
  • Contact your podcast guests for inclusion in a group (compilation) book — I recently did this and generated a few thousand dollars in a weekend

This is in addition to the sales I've made from podcast guests. I've also bought some of my guest's products, hired more than one podcast guest for coaching, and promoted some of my guests as an affiliate. Because podcasting gets your foot-in-the-door with other business owners AND allows you to judge their character quickly, it's one of the fastest business builders — probably even MORE effective for you than attending offline networking events.

I'm Convinced - Let Me In! »

Bonus #1:
"Hit the Ground Running with Podcasting" Quickstart Training

Let's hit the ground running IMMEDIATELY with your podcast. Have worries or concerns about gear, strategy, time management, marketing? Most of the success you have on your podcasting journey will be due to ignoring the complex (or saving it for later) and taking simple, doable, practical action NOW.

We'll stay until every question is covered, so that you're covered, whether you're an advanced user with specific questions, a beginner who only wants a few steps for now, or middle-of-the-road in your skill level, and you want to see the big picture.

Bonus #2:
Podcast Swap

Claim Within 12 Months After Purchase

We want you to succeed with podcasting so much that I, Robert Plank, would like to be the SECOND guest on your podcast. That's right, SECOND.

Here's the fine print: join Podcast Crusher 3.0, create your podcast, record one solo episode, have someone as a guest (it can even be a close friend), and then you can schedule a time for me to appear on YOUR podcast.

You can ask me any question regarding online marketing or productivity (perhaps, how it relates specifically to YOUR audience?) — or I can interview you about what you do from a beginner's perspective.

Before podcasting (and modern day technology), it was never this easy to create some great content people will love by recording a conversation.

Bonus #3:
Case Study --
"Outsource & Automate Your Podcast"

The classic business owner's dilemma: I don't have the time to do it all, but I'm not sure I trust a team to do it for me without knowing the finer details.

I'll show you how to automate some or all of your podcast: scheduling, recording, production, show notes, follow up. Even the most advanced podcasters have told us over the years: I know how to do it all, I just don't want to!

Bonus #4:
Case Study --
"Create a Compilation Book"

Last year, I sent two emails to a list that wasn't even my subscriber list. It was the rolodex of my podcast guests! In one weekend, I was paid thousands of dollars to publish a book I didn't even write. It's a "compilation" group book called "Marketer of the Day." (This book has the same name as the podcast.)

Actually, even the podcast guests I approached didn't write the book! We transcribed their podcast interview and cleaned it up slightly. Everyone promoted the book on launch day. YOU should be doing this with your podcast guests, and you should be PAID to do it, even if you only have a dozen or so interviews to start.

(I'll show you all the steps of this process from start to finish, including all templates, and things I wished I'd known when I started.)

Bonus #5:
ClickFunnels Template --
"Done For You Service:
Make Money Setting Up Podcasts"

Podcast Crusher shows you everything you need to create your podcast, and since you figured it out, we want to help you get paid to setup podcasts for others. That's why we'll give you the templates and funnel you need to land your own podcasting clients -- if you choose to bolt-on this Income stream to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcasting

Q: Is Podcast Crusher for me?

A: Podcast Crusher is ONLY for you if...

you want the fast AND easy way to setup your podcast with minimum geek speak and maximum help from us
you know that you "could" learn all the facts, figures, and trivia about podcasting, but sometimes you need to take a class and get it done
you want help from two guys with 14 years combined podcasting experience to create this new traffic source (a podcast) that grows, makes money, and avoids the usual mistakes podcasters make
you're tired of waiting and you want fast results

Q: What equipment do I need to podcast?

A: The most important thing about podcasting is that you BEGIN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.

Failed podcasters let themselves get bogged down with all the equipment they have to buy, connect together, and troubleshoot. Successful podcasters know that it's smarter to create the podcast first, and gradually upgrade the equipment over time.

A desktop or laptop computer is required, Mac or PC. All podcasting can be done "in the cloud." It's also ideal that you have a quiet room to record in, and we suggest you use your computer's built-in microphone to start.

During the course, we show you how to ramp-up to a $25 headset and then a $120 studio microphone.

Q: How much does podcasting cost?

A: It is free to podcast.

However, your podcast must be hosted somewhere. We can show you how to host your podcast on your existing site, BUT the ideal podcast hosting solution is $7 per month, which we think is extremely affordable for serious business owners.

Q: What if I'm shy and/or introverted?

A: Podcasting is an excellent confidence building tool.

You can begin your podcasting journey with "solo" episodes. Interviewing guests is easier than talking on the phone, audio only, and you can stick to the pre-written questions we tell you to ask your guests.

Q: What is your guarantee?

A: It's this: contact us within 30 days to get your money back.

This will revoke your access to the course and any replays.

Claim Your Access to the
Podcast Crusher 3.0
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  • Module #1: Create Your Podcast & Publish Your First Episode
  • Module #2: Podcast Content Creation
  • Module #3: Podcast Rankings & Traffic
  • Module #4: Podcast Promotion, Follow-Up & Monetization
  • Bonus #1: "Hit the Ground Running with Podcasting" Call
  • Bonus #2: Podcast Swap (Robert Plank Appears on Your Podcast & You Appear on His)
  • Bonus #3: Case Study -- "Outsource & Automate Your Podcast"
  • Bonus #4: Case Study -- "Create a Compilation Book"
  • Bonus #5: ClickFunnels Template -- "Make Money Setting Up Podcasts"
  • Challenges for Each Module
  • Video & Audio Training: Available 24 hours a day
  • Transcripts: digitally access all reports & cheatsheets
  • Checklists: repeat the process anytime

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